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Digest #4864
[Vacant Position] IT Implementer by "Boy Steven Fernando"


Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:30 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"Boy Steven Fernando"

Dear Moderator
Mohon izin posting info lowongan kerja. Terima kasih.

*IT Implementer

**Main Responsibilities*

- Responding to user problems, analyze problems and provide appropriate
solutions to help IT users mostly in ROAM
- Managing ROAM Billing working together with IT Team Leader
- Managing IT Assets especially ROAM handset & simcard
- Coordinate with the external provider (ex. Telkomsel) to support the
signal availability for ROAM Deliveryman & Sales Representative if required.
- Develop report to company needs (Report Utilization of DM, SR & IT
Check List)
- Travel to location which potentially require IT support in system and
build a good relationship with them.
- Educate users who associated with IT system.
- Monitoring & reconcile handset ROAM and simcard to manage ROAM billing
and active users.
- Working together and coordination with IT Team Leader & DSE (Desktop
Support Engineer) to support user
- Develop and update morning report IT checklist in operation
- Develop Utilization Report 2D Barcode Scan by location to all users in
Sales Office
- Installation & update user application ROAM with the latest version
- Training application for user mostly ROAM for Deliveryman, Shipper,
Sales Representative & MTP

* *

- Male/Female.
- Familiar with computer standard application (Microsoft Office)
- Familiar with hand phone
- Maximum age 28years old. **
- Diploma/Degree in computer engineering or others
- Good Team Player. **
- Understanding English

IT Implementer will work at Coca-Cola Head Office in *DENPASAR, BALI*.

Only shortlisted candidate that match with our criteria, will be contacted
to the further process.
Please sent your application letter and CV not later than 23 Sep 2013 to:
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